Consequently, their work starts getting plagiarised just for the sake of removing grammatical errors. Though, many educationists in the United Kingdom have now started showing a more supportive attitude towards students in order to ensure they do not have to plagiarise and that they can write on their own without hesitation. Though, the United Kingdom has now moved towards being less insular, the British values shall always remain the same and that it has become open to global cultures but albeit at a slower pace as compared to the U.S.A. Scotland has begun showing more relaxation as well as Wales but still the situation is tough and yet, Assignment Writing UK is still needed.

Students should always feel confident when writing their own work and that they should not hesitate in using their own language. Even though they might get lower scores in the beginning, hard and smart work always pays off and that they will get rewards for producing outstanding work. School level students are always not just enrolled in Foundation year programs but those who enter University directly have to work even harder on their grammar and structuring, and that they cannot even take admission in other Anglophone nations such as U.S.A, Canada and Republic of Ireland as they cannot incur expenses all over again.

At all times, students should have confidence: as they must know that not only they can improve easily but also that the room for improvement is always open. The world is limitless and they can keep on going on and on and on, and become stronger than the Titanic. It is their power that can make them more confident than their counterparts.