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The United Kingdom is a developed nation and is among the most culturally happening nations as well. Though it had left the European Union in June 2016 and its exit from the European Union being termed as ‘Brexit’, its economy is still fundamentally strong and as of right now, many overseas Britons are returning back to the United Kingdom in larger numbers.

Despite many overseas Britons returning back to the United Kingdom, the diminishing status of English culture overseas and in former British colonies was among the main reasons these communities are returning back in larger numbers. However, their English language skills in writing have become a question, particularly for Anglo Brazilians, Anglo Burmese, Anglo Uruguayan and Anglo Argentines as Anglo people from Latin America are more Hispano phone instead of Anglo phone. The English these communities have practices is the American variant, in both linguistics and communication, and that most British educationists place a primary emphasis on grammar and structuring. Students from these communities often face issues in terms of structuring and intellectually, they are very good but when facing too many notifications on grammar and structuring errors then such is a demoralising factor for students. These students then require online Assignment Writing Service UK for help in assignments.